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Following Your Passion While Helping Others

Organization clears your path
It’s not difficult to get on a path to activism, volunteer work, and community involvement. You jus need to have a plan for how you will proceed. (Photo credit: nist6ss)

When you want to get involved, it can be difficult to figure out what your first steps should be. Why not start out by making a list of causes you would be interested in participating in?  If you’re drawing a blank, think about different social issues that affect you, a friend, or a family member. Do you know someone with cancer? What kind? You might consider getting involved that way. Do you have kids? Why not involve yourself with an education-related cause?

When you’re through brainstorming about causes, you’ll want to start thinking of organizations within each cause. What organizations support that cause? Are they close? Are they far away? Visit the organization’s website to find out more.

Do you have more time or more money? If you’re like many, it may be that you have more time. Is the organization in close enough proximity that you can volunteer? Does the organization have a way you can organize a fundraiser? Are there petitions you can sign? You’ll want to research the various ways that you can get involved.

Finally make a list of your motivations. Why do you want to get involved? It’s important to have a list of reasons that are motivating you to reach out and get involved with the organization or cause. Sometimes involvement can be taxing, and if you aren’t sure what your motivation is, you can become overwhelmed.

What are some of your favorite tips for individuals wanting to get involved with new causes or organizations? Leave your tips in the comments box.

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