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Are you interested in submitting your work to Activism My Way? We invite those interested in social activism, causes, and nonprofit organizations to submit a guest post for this blog. Guest posting is a great way to share information with others, demonstrate your passion, and showcase your own writing skills.

What type of content do you accept?

Activism My Way is interested in accepting posts that present information of use to our readers. We suggest you read through some past posts to get a feel for the type of information we’re looking for. Readers range in interests, but are generally those wishing to learn more about how they can be involved in their communities and causes they care about.

Activism My Way does not accept guest posts that sound like advertisements for products and services. Each post may have a link to your own site or sites or to books in the byline only. Please avoid links unless they are directly relevant to the topic of your article.

Posts must be at least 300 words, preferred length is 500-750 words. Please break longer posts up by strategically using subheadings.


At this time, Activism My Way does not pay for contributions.


Activism My Way wants to see you succeed as an author, and as such, you may provide a byline up to 150 words with up to 3 links. All links in your byline must relate to your industry or topic, and one should be to a page where readers can learn more about you. You are welcome to link to your own work in the post, however, the work must be relevant to the topic, and all links are subject to editorial review. You are welcome to submit an appropriate image with your byline.

By submitting to Activism My Way, you acknowledge that your writing is original and that your post(s) will belong to Activism My Way, while you will be credited as the author. You also acknowledge permission for Activism My Way to share your comments publicly.

Spam, pornography, offensive content, and profanity will not be accepted. All posts must be original and must not have appeared online previously.

Editorial Review

All submissions are subject to editorial review and will be edited prior to publication for grammar and spelling. Activism My Way will not rewrite your article, however, we will make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes, photo changes, and other changes necessary to help the flow and readability of your article. Should a post need further improvement, we will return it to you with suggestions. Please do not take offense to such suggestions, as they are to benefit the article. We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not fit with our standards.

Activism My Way reserves the right to add links within the author’s post to other articles appearing on Activism My Way and where relevant to other articles in the network of blogs managed by Ronda Bowen and WRE Consulting Services.

Posts will be subject to review. Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated and will prevent author from further opportunities for guest posting.

Publishing of guest posts is done at the discretion of Activism My Way, and it may take several days after approval for publication. We reserve the right to decline publishing or to remove posts after publication.


You may choose to provide an image with your submission. Please be sure this is a low-res .jpg file. Author must have permission to use any submitted image, and proper attribution is required. Images must be appropriate to the content of the post and may not depict or imply nudity, sexual situations, or violence.

Activism My Way reserves the right to change the image should it not be suitable, or to provide an image should an image not be provided by the author.

Submitting Content

To submit content, please send an email with a Word document attachment to

Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for Activism My Way. We look forward to sharing your writing with our readers and will do our best to help you promote your post.

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