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Activism in San Francisco

San Francisco sky
San Francisco sky (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

San Francisco is a city known for its active levels of community involvement. If you are in San Francisco, and you want to get involved with a cause, there is no shortage of causes to involve yourself with. Here’s a brief list of causes and organizations supporting those causes to get you started.

Animal Rights

San Francisco SPCA – 415-554-3000 – There is a variety of ways to get involved. You can donate, volunteer, participate in events or training seminars, foster animals, or use one of the partner organizations to help out this no-kill animal shelter.

Children & Education

A Better Way – 415-715-1050 – Those wishing to get involved can donate, apply to work with the non-profit, and partner with A Better Way in order to help children receive support services and mental health care.

A Home Within888-898-2249 – Opportunities for involvement include providing therapy for foster children, donate, purchase a t-shirt, watch and share micro-documentaries, participate in local fundraising and awareness events.


Health & Fitness

Age Song Specialty Elder Care – 415-431-8143 – Volunteer to work with senior citizens by helping to keep them company in the Hayes Valley/Laguna Grove facilities.

Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California415-677-4011 – The group has a variety of programs for volunteers. Opportunities include becoming a group facilitator or trainer and leading awareness campaigns, participating in annual conferences, and taking part in walks and 5K runs.

Poverty & Hunger

A Good Idea 415-806-5116 – Volunteers can get involved in a variety of projects including Call to Arms, A Good Day service events, Poker Players Against Poverty, the Friends Program, and Intentional Acts of Kindness. Donation opportunities, cocktail events at local lounges, and fundraising parties are other ways interested parties can get involved.

A Home Away From Homelessness 415-561-5533 – Donate, provide items from the wish list, work with either the school house program or the beach house program, get involved with the youth leadership program, or participate in the annual Wish Upon a Star Gala.

I Have a Dream” – 415-574-0761 – Involvement opportunities include donation, sponsorship of a class of “dreamers,” volunteering as a tutor or chaperone, coordinating special events, working in the office, helping at the national level with branding, assisting with administrative tasks, company partnership, and providing wish list items to the organization.

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