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Success Story: T. Jackson Kaguri and the Nyaka AIDS Foundation

Jackson Kaguri (second from left) surrounded b...
Jackson Kaguri (second from left) surrounded by his niece, a student from his school and member of the school’s board of directors. (Photo credit: Newton Free Library)

It’s always an inspiration when someone overcomes extreme adversity to go on to be successful and help others who are struggling. When I had the amazing opportunity to talk to T. Jackson Kaguri for Equanimity, I realized that I was talking to an inspiring individual – Fall edition 2012, pages 54-56.

Kaguri grew up in Uganda. He was lucky enough to attend Columbia University. During his schooling, the AIDS virus was rampaging through Africa. When he would visit the village he grew up in, he would hand out pencils and pens and uniforms to the grandmothers who were taking care of the children left behind after the virus swept through villages. He decided that it was time to begin a nonprofit organization to serve the generation of children. His program takes a holistic look at giving aid to those in need. The program supports a school in Nyaka, Uganda. You can read my interview with him in Equanimity. 

There are many ways to get involved with the Nyaka AIDS Orphans project. Here are a few:

  • Participate as an intern and earn school credit and valuable work experience
  • Volunteer as an English teacher, kitchen aide, sports coordinator, arts coordinator, financial coach, agricultural instructor, guidance counselor, construction instructor, farm assistant, computer instructor, librarian, reading counselor, life skills counselor,   or as a doctor/physician, dentist, or eye specialist – they could really use your help over there
  • Organize a Barefoot Mile event for your middle or high school
  • Start a Friends of Nyaka group
  • Host a basket party to help the grandmothers of Nyaka
  • Make a contribution to the Micro-finance program to help grandmothers earn extra money
  • Donate to the cause to help finance supplies, maintenance of the school, and training of the grandmothers
  • Sponsor a student so that he or she has a good chance of finishing school

So take a moment – there are many ways to get involved. How can you help this noteworthy cause? What are ways you can help a cause you’re passionate about? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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