My Absence and Things to Come

It’s been a good little while since I’ve posted on Activism My Way, and while I’d like to have a great reason for this for you, I don’t. I love the idea of this blog, and I want to spend more time with it, but I’m thinking that I’d like to rebrand it and give… Continue reading My Absence and Things to Come


Air Polution From Natural Gas Development – Check out Moms Clean Air Force

Over at Moms Clean Air Force, there’s a great discussion going on about how natural gas development impacts our environment. Check it out at: Natural Gas Development And Air Pollution < Moms Clean Air Force. Clean air is something we should all be concerned with.

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A SWAT Team and a Family’s Tragedy

It may sound like a sensational headline, but over at Salon, Alecia Phonesavanh shared her story, “A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son.” What’s particularly heart wrenching about this story is that the family had to sit there and endure the fact that their baby was crying due to hasty actions on… Continue reading A SWAT Team and a Family’s Tragedy

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Organization Profile: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that I have actually worked for. I helped to build a house in 2011 through their Women’s Build program. They are a great organization to be involved with.  You can see me playing amateur electrician in the image to the right. If you’re looking for volunteer work that… Continue reading Organization Profile: Habitat for Humanity


How Do You Choose an Intersex Child’s Genitalia? Should You?

For many parents, ultrasound or delivery room news involves a definitive “Congratulations, it’s a girl!” or “You have a boy!” However, for some parents, even after birth, a child’s sex is harder to determine as the baby has characteristics from both sexes. Here is the definition of “intersex” for those unfamiliar with the term, courtesy of… Continue reading How Do You Choose an Intersex Child’s Genitalia? Should You?


Recycling Confusion? Refresh Your Understanding of the Basics

It can be difficult to know what items you can and can’t recycle. Can you or can’t you recycle glossy paper? Are tin cans able to go into the recycling bin? Which plastics are recyclable? What should you never throw in the trash? TerraCycle has listed some basics in the article: Recycling Basics From TerraCycle: Items You Can… Continue reading Recycling Confusion? Refresh Your Understanding of the Basics

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Get Involved: Washington Landslide

Tragic news has come out of the state of Washington over the past several weeks. A landslide has taken several lives, and the search continues for individuals who have been reported missing since the landslide. It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard, I’m sure, for the survivors to worry about missing family members, and for parents to learn… Continue reading Get Involved: Washington Landslide