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The Little Free Pantry Project

  If you’ve been paying attention to literacy activism for the past couple of years, then you’re probably already quite familiar with the notion of the Little Free Library. The idea there is that you post the little free library on your property, fill it with books, and others can take or leave materials as… Continue reading The Little Free Pantry Project

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How to Be Effective When Championing a Cause

In NationSwell’s article, Erin Schrode Shares 7 Secrets To Be Effective Activist, Erin Schrode shared 7 different tips for being more effective when serving as an activist. For those not familiar with Erin Schrode, she is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Turning Green, and she ran in California in an attempt to become the youngest… Continue reading How to Be Effective When Championing a Cause

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Happy New Year! It’s Time to Get Involved in Your Communities!

For a lot of people around the world, 2016 was a crummy year. No matter what your experience was last year, or how you feel about 2016’s U.S. election results, 2017 is a new year, and it offers many new ways for you to get involved. It’s vital that we come together to work with… Continue reading Happy New Year! It’s Time to Get Involved in Your Communities!


Can Plastic-Loving Bacteria Reduce Plastic Waste in Landfills?

  According to an article by Eva Botkin-Kowacki in the March 10, 2016 issue of The Christian Science Monitor, it appears that there was a bacterium that consumes plastic discovered inside a recycling plant. The article, “Researchers Find Plastic-Loving Bacteria in Recycling Plant,” mentions that more than “311 million tons of plastic is produced across the globe… Continue reading Can Plastic-Loving Bacteria Reduce Plastic Waste in Landfills?


Save the Frogs, Save the World

I became aware of the need to protect our frogs when I read about how pesticides have been traveling from 50 to 100 miles to cause problems when they are ingested by frogs. I first came across this problem on the Care2 Causes site. The article, “Pesticides Travel 100 Miles to Poison Mountain Frogs” raises… Continue reading Save the Frogs, Save the World


Enough Is Enough

Don’t worry. I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled programming – highlighting organizations and causes and activists – but I think we’ve come to a critical time in our history here in the United States. I feel as though we’re on the precipice. We’re very close to a point we cannot turn back from, and… Continue reading Enough Is Enough

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The Exhorbitant Cost of Diapers #DiaperGap

In the article, “The Diaper Divide” by Cecelia Muñoz, there is a serious discussion about the cost of diapers creating an interesting dilemma for parents. While many parents are enjoying the conveniences of having diapers delivered directly to their doorsteps, many more parents are unable to afford this basic necessity for young children. In fact, Muñoz… Continue reading The Exhorbitant Cost of Diapers #DiaperGap

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The Cycle of Poverty

What is the cycle of poverty? In general, it is the trend where a family becomes impoverished for at least three generations. There have been many different approaches to trying to break the cycle of poverty, and the efforts to free families from being trapped by poverty are noble. but it’s a hard cycle to… Continue reading The Cycle of Poverty

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Chicago’s Peterson Garden Project

What happens when you have a vacant lot in a city? Rather than leave the space empty, North Chicago is turning vacant lots into pop-up gardens. According to a Nation Swell article by Kathleen O’Brian, “North Chicago Vacant Lots Turn Into Pop-Up Gardens,” a local resident, Lamonda Joy, has taken these lots and transformed them… Continue reading Chicago’s Peterson Garden Project