My Absence and Things to Come

It’s been a good little while since I’ve posted on Activism My Way, and while I’d like to have a great reason for this for you, I don’t. I love the idea of this blog, and I want to spend more time with it, but I’m thinking that I’d like to rebrand it and give it a different name. I also would love to make this blog more of a community run blog than it currently is – and it would be great to get some regular people willing to post about various causes they are interested in. I’m working on a survey right now, asking readers what they would find useful, of interest, and engaging on this blog.

If you are interested in participating in the survey or have things you would like to post about on a blog dedicated to community involvement and activism, please get in touch with me! You can send an email to rondab (at) activismmyway.com.

Thanks for being here, and I’m looking forward to bringing you good things in the future! I really want to get this blog up and running well.

Meanwhile, you can read a little bit more about me and one of the organizations I’m involved with, JB Dondolo, here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Post your thoughts, concerns, and questions here.

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