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Involvement Tips: What You Need to Know to Get Started

Students participate in organizations like Hab...
Students participate in organizations like Habitat for Humanity to facilitate service learning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So you want to get involved with your community, but you’re not sure where you should start. You’re not alone! It can be daunting to choose a cause, know who to talk to, or join in on a fundraiser. There are so many different worthy organizations to choose from, one can become easily overwhelmed when trying to decide where his or her efforts are best spent.


Several years ago, when I wanted to become more involved with my community, I made a list of causes and issues I felt strongly about. I also included organizations I was familiar with. My list looked something like this:



Naturally, your list will be different. Pick either a cause or an organization to start with. There are many different ways of being involved – you can be involved on a one-time basis where you do something like participate in a fundraiser or make a donation, or you can volunteer time, etc. When deciding how to become involved, you’ll want to check what sorts of time and financial commitments you already have.


Write to the local director of your organization – or find information on organizations that support causes you care about. Explain your interest and ask about what sorts of opportunities are available to someone with the time or financial resources you have.


What are your favorite causes? What are your favorite organizations? What will be your next step? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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